59th WCPA-CSEP Meeting: UBC Vancouver

Meeting on traditional, ancestral and unceded lands of the Musqueam people

WCPA & CSEP welcome you to a weekend of friendly, insightful and creative philosophical discussion! Buchanan Building, A, B and D blocks

Coffee room: Buchanan D324

No registration or fees – all are welcome. Name-tags for presenters can be found outside Friday keynote session/coffee room Saturday, or possibly earlier.

Organizing team: Sophie Au, Sylvia Berryman, Alex Bryant, Alexander Jewell, Michael Jimenez, Chris Stephens, Michelle Tobias, Jennifer Welchman, Jenna Yuzwa, Erika Yep

Special thanks for financial assistance: UBC Philosophy Department, Centre for Applied Ethics, Arts Workshop Grant

Emergency contacts:

UBC Campus Security: 604-822-2222 (building access, emergencies)

Sylvia Berryman: 778-881-4227 Chris Stephens: 604-724-0913

Friday 2-4.15
2-4.15Jen Foster, Jonathan Ichikawa and Emily TiltonPANEL: Ethics of Belief and Moral PsychologyBuch B219Note room change
2-3pmAlisabeth AyarsReason, Inclination, and the Ground of Moral WorthBruno GuindonBuch B312Andrew Allison
3.15-4.15Andrew AllisonEvery Man Has His Price… And His Dignity: Value Pluralism and a Price for EverythingPeter DietschBuch B312Alisabeth Ayars
2-3pmDominic Alford-Duguid and Tashi Alford-DuguidPrivacy at the Limits of ControlChelsea RosenthalBuch B313Ivy Spector
3.15-4.15Manuela UngureanuHistoriography of the Former Soviet Bloc and Totalitarianism Theory: Might new approaches to institutions help break the deadlock?Cindy HolderBuch B313Chelsea Rosenthal
CSEP moved to Sunday morning
2-3pmTyler PaetkauReasoned Resistance: Inductive Risk and Vaccine Hesitancy among Healthcare WorkersJenna YuzwaBUCH D218Jade Hadley
3.15-4.15Alyssa Izatt and Kimberley BrownleeA Protocol for Treating Impregnated Children like Saviour-Siblings: On the Provision of Abortion as Adequate CareColin MacleodBuch D218Tyler Paetkau
2-3pmFarid SaberiA Case for Transcendental Optimism: Comparing Feminist and Realist Philosophies of ScienceAlison WylieBuch B315Matthew Smithdeal
3.15-4.15Angella YamamotoHow To Ask Biologists Metaphysical Questions Without Explaining MetaphysicsDaniel SaundersBuch B315Farid Saberi
WCPA keynoteWelcome, Graduate Student Essay Prize: Elias Yuan (Calgary)
4.30-6Endre BegbySignal-to-Noise: Toward an Alternative Account of the “Fake News” PhenomenonBUCH A201Chris Stephens
Reception 6-7Buchanan A
Saturday morning 9-12.30coffee/muffins Buchanan D324
9-12.30Margaret Schabas, François Claveau, Colin Macleod and Peter DietschPANEL: Recent Topics in the Philosophy of EconomicsBuch D229
9-12.30Jennifer Welchmann, Michel-Antoine Xhignesse, John Dyck and James YoungPANEL: Author Meets Critics on James Young’s A History of Western Philosophy of MusicBuch D 221
9-12.30Dwayne Moore, Neil Campbell, John Lemos and Ishi HajiPANEL: Recent Issues in Free WillBuch D204
9-12.30Peter Alward, Christopher Viger, Manuela Ungureanu, Elizabeth Stoll, Henry JackmanPANEL: Metaphysics of LanguageBuch D228Patrick Rysiew
9-10amLogan GintherEpicurus on Deathbed Pangs of ConscienceEmily LawsonBuch D205Siranat Thamtrachai
10.15-11.15Siranat ThamtrachaiThe Transformation for Wholeness and the Transcendence of Ideal Love in Aristophanes’ SpeechSarah Hogarth RossiterBuch D205Logan Ginther
11.30- 12.30Sherif SalemAgainst the Logicians: Ibn Taymiyya’s Rejection of the Aristotelian Theory of DefinitionHassan MasoudBuch D205Sarah Hogarth Rossiter
9-10amLaurence BlommeAgreement Within the Disagreement on Defining LifeMukund MaithaniBuch D214Clarisse Paron
10.15-11.15Clarisse ParonAre the New American Pediatric Obesity Guidelines Eugenic? Evidence of FatphobiaAlyssa IzattBuch D214Larry Bloome
11.30-12.30Avontay WilliamsThe Ethics of Blood Donation: It’s in you to GiveNeha NandakumarBUCH D214Mukund Maithani
9-10amKousaku YuiThe Dogma of the Conscious SelfTyeson Davies-BartonBuch D207Eric Hockstein
10.15-11.15Eric HochsteinAre There Two Distinct Projects of Naturalism Regarding Mental Representation?Elena HolmgrenBuch D207Julia Minarik
11.30- 12.30Julia MinarikThe imaginative limitations of text-to-image generatorsJing ChangBuch D207Kousaku Yui
9-10amSophia KimiagariLogical Nihilism: Where the Disagreement Stems fromShamima AkterBuch D213Mark Battersby
10.15-11.15Mark BattersbyPractical Rationality: Critical Questions for Rational Decision MakingBuğra SagsenBuch D213Cindy Holder
11.30- 12.30Adam JacksonMitigating Bias: A Wittgensteinian PedagogyJade HadleyBuch D213Sophia Kimiagari
9-10amKent PeacockThe Last Loophole in Bell’s Theorem? A prima facie problem with superdeterminism.Richard JohnsBuch D 216Elias Yuan
10.15-11.15Elias YuanWhat is an Answer without a Question?: Context Should be Considered when Determining Explanatory PowerAngella YamamotoBuch D 216Richard Johns
11.30- 12.30Milos MihajloivcOn Woodward’s Causation with Human FaceRonaldo ShresthaBuch D 216Angella Yamamoto
9-10amScott WoodcockA Puzzle for Epistemic PartialismGurpreet RattanBuch D201Saila Jubara
10.15-11.15Naila JubaraHermeneutical conflict and epistemic rutsAlex BryantBuch D201Gurpreet Rattan
11.30- 12.30Brandon BeasleyFrom Pragmatism About Content to Pluralism About IntentionalityRon WillburnBuch D201Scott Woodcock
Saturday lunch break 12.30-2
12.30-2Matthew Smithdeal, Jas Heaton, Alison Wylie, Kristin Conrad Kilgallen, Cam GilbertDiversity, Equity, Inclusiveness in Philosophy: The Philosophy Exception ProjectBuch D229
12.30-2John Miller, Carrie Jenkins, Anna Cook, Jorge Sanchez-PerezTeaching, Place, and PowerBuch D324Robin Roberts
Saturday pm 2-4.15
2-4.15Elizabeth Brake, Macy Salzberger, Carrie Jenkins, Kimberley BrownleePANEL: Relationship wrongsBuch D228
2-4.15Eric Wilkinson and Ritam ChakrabortyPANEL: Moral Epistemology PanelBuch D229
2-4.15Chelsea Rosenthal, Kino Zhao and Sun-ha HongPANEL: New Concerns Regarding Decision-Making by AlgorithmBuch D201
2-3pmChris Tillman and Joshua SpencerScience, Fiction: Creatures of fiction, legend, science, and imaginationChris MoleBuch D205Peter Alward
3.15-4.15Peter AlwardCharacters and Their NamesEmma EsmailiBuch D205Chris Mole
2-3pmEmer O’HaganThe Rationality of Grief’s DemiseJelena MarkovicBuch D214Eileen Wang
3.15-4.15Eileen WangVirtues and Control: On the Proper Grounds of Reactive LoveIvy MaddenBuch D214Emer O’Hagan
2-3pmJonathan IchikawaHow Racist is Racist?Jorge Sanchez PerezBuch D221Madeleine Ransom
3.15-4.15Madeleine Ransom and Albert CotugnoPerceiving RaceKathleen AkinsBuch D221Jonathan Ichikawa
2-3pmDavid ScottDoubts on Descartes’ “Curb-Your-Enthusiasm” Theory of Right ThinkingAmy SchmitterBuch D204Nicholas Michieli
3.15-4.15Nicholas MichieliThe Leibnizian Problem of Monadic AggregationDavid ScottBuch D204Amy Schmitter
2-3pmBernard LinskyA Note on “The Principle of Contradiction and Symbolic Logic” Lukasiewicz 1910Kent PeacockBuch D207Nic Fillion
3.15-4.15Katalin BimboChurch’s paradoxNicolas FillionBuch D207Kent Peacock
2-3pmShamima AkterDefending Russell’s Theory of Definite Descriptions against the Objection Arising from the Argument from IncompletenessYangyang WangBuch D213Hao Yang
3.15-4.15Felix Amaya-SpornitzTolerance and KindsHao YangBuch D213Shamima Akter
CSEP KeynotePassing of the Baton
4.30-6Brett BuchananHow to Talk about How Animals Talk: An Ethical & Ethological ForayBuch A201Jennifer Welchman
Reception 6-7Buchanan A
Sunday 9am-12.30coffee/muffins Buchanan D324
9-12.30Alex Bryant, Alison Wylie, Emily Tilton, Karoline PaierPANEL: “Standpoint Theory: Formations, Contestations, Legacies” Podcast LaunchBuch D204
9-10amSamuel Carlsson TjernströmSubstantializing The Metaphysics of Doxastic WrongingJacob SchwartzBuch D221Daniel Munro
10.15-11.15Daniel MunroConspiracy Theories as Emotionally Satisfying NarrativesCihan CapanBuch D221Ella Zhang
11.30-12.30Miriam KhanEpistemic Resistance and Objectification: Considerations for Sexual Agency and the Harm of PornographyElla ZhangBuch D221Jacob Schwartz
9-10amNathaniel DansereauOntology and Being in Nietzsche and HeraclitusAbdulrahman BajodahBuch D201Luis Melo de Andrade Lima
10.15-11.15Luis Eduardo Melo de Andrade LimaFoucault’s neglected reading of Adam Smith: a critique of Foucault’s views on the homo economicusLaurent DobuzinskisBuch D201Abdulrahman Bajodah
11.30-12.30Joseph CarewThree Models of a Secular Religion in HegelTrevell Hamilton-FrederickBuch D201Nathaniel Dansereau
9-10amEric WilkinsonLogical RationalismPaul BarthaBuch D205Anthony Rowden
10.15-11.15Tyler WarkThe Argument from Inquiry for Pragmatic EncroachmentEmily TiltonBuch D205Paul Bartha
11.30-12.30Anthony RowdenConciliationism Is Still Too Demanding: A DilemmaSamuel Carlsson TjernströmBuch D205Tyler Wark
9-10amScott AndersonA Pragmatic Field Guide for Distinguishing Conditional Threats and OffersElla ZhangBuch D207Matt Bedke
10.15-11.15Javier Gomez-Lavin and Matthew RacharBetter Together: An empirical investigation of strategic interaction and shared agencyDaniel SaundersBuch D207K.T. Falvey
11.30-12.30K. T. FalveyOn Knowing What I’ve DoneMatt BedkeBuch D207Daniel Saunders
9-10amRichard JohnsCausality and Determination: the order of existenceElias YuanBuch D209Mojtaba Soltani
10.15-11.15Noa LathamFundamental Dynamical Laws and Initial ConditionsKino ZhaoBuch D209Richard Johns
11.30-12.30Bryson BrownAchilles, van Fraassen and the Laws of NatureMojtaba SoltaniBuch D209Noa Latham
9-10amHolly LongairConceptualizing Relations of Equality in Relational EgalitarianismSusan DielemanBuch D213Chrysogonus Okwenna
10.15-11.15Chrysogonus OkwennaAutonomy Crisis in Medicine and the Liberal-welfarist InterventionEvan CaveBuch D213Erik Severson
11.30-12.30Connor CosgroveOnce More Unto the Breach: On Emancipatory InterestErik SeversonBuch D213Susan Dieleman
9-10amHoward Nye, Maddie Youngman and Avontay WilliamsStrategic Collective Action and the Proportionality of Reasons to Expected BenefitsFrançois ClaveauBuch D216Cam Gilbert
10.15-11.15Setareh EzzatabadiRelational Autonomy and Oppressive Socialization; Toward an Externalist Account of Personal AutonomyJasper HeatonBuch D216François Claveau
11.30-12.30Yanjie DingThe Significance of Hope for Social Movement Mobilization RevisitedCam GilbertBuch D216Jas Heaton
9-10amJorge Sanchez-PerezCSEP: The Philosophical Basis for Andean Environmental Philosophy: Sumak Kawsay and the Grounding of ExistenceJennifer WelchmanBuch D217
10.15-11.15Jennifer WelchmanAesthetics of Last Chance TourismJennifer IngleBuch D217
11.30-12.30Jodi NewmanCSEP: More Than Climate Anxiety: Youth and the Moral Injury of Climate ChangeAnn LeveyBuch D217Jennifer Welchman
9-10amNeha NandakumarThe Role of ‘Importance’ in Friendship and the SelfMete Han GencerBuch D218Willow Verkerk
10.15-11.15Madeline YoungmanTowards a Lesbian Phenomenology: How Lesbians ‘Queer’ Relationship DynamicsWillow VerkerkBuch D218Neha Nandakumar
11.30-12.30Evan CavePluralism About Aesthetic ValueAlex KingBuch D218Mete Han Gercer